Automotive Interior Plastic Trims

We designed a special training course in Automotive Interior Plastic trims Design which is highly demanding domains in the Automobile field.

What You'll Learn

The interior trim of an automobile consists of multiple different kinds of parts ranging from seating to plastic parts. The course starts with an overview of the complete interior and then goes into concentrating on the injected molded parts in the automobile. Candidates not only design features required for plastic part design, but they study the process behind the design.

M CAD Solutions provides an Automotive Plastic interior Trims course , Both interior/Exterior trim designing Expert faculties from the industry will teach. Project-based training. Automotive Plastic Trim Design is the base of the plastics manufacturing industry. In industry, Correct design is very important & essential before it goes for tooling as it saves huge costs in the product life-cycle.

CATIA V5 Automotive Interior Trims

Automotive Interior Plastic Trims

Automotive Interior Trims

The Automotive interior plastic trim consists of various types of parts ranging from seating to plastic parts. This course consists of an overview of the entire interior and then focusing on the injected molded parts within the Automobile. After completing the course, candidates will get knowledge and process of design along with CAD modeling.

Take Away

After undergoing the program, the participants will be able to
1.Introduction to Plastic parts design
2.Plastic part design Consideration
3.Styling Surface Analysis
4.wall Thickness, boss Design
5.Rib Design, boss Design, Draft, draft Analysis
6.Parting lines
7.A To B Surface Conversion
8.Material selection
9.Part Locating Strategy
10.Fixation strategy, Tooling
11.industrial Plastic projects.

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